Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to host your own website on your local machine

A vid on how to host your own site on your own machine

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How-to: Host your website from your computer!

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How to host your own website at home for free

If I turn off my computer does my website turnoff too? by that i mean no one will be able to see my site until I turn my computer back on. that is how it works, And to put a domain on it you would have to redirect your CNAME to your IP address.

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How to Setup Your Own Hosting

How to setup your own hosting for your blogs:
A good starting server is NetworkActiv (free and easy). If you want more umph, go for Apache (free but difficult). Apache will make you growl like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on steroids! Domain names are free as well. I wish I could say who I use but, I don't want to sound like a commercial. Good luck everyone!

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Linux Web Server Setup - By webmaster Puneet Verma Linux Web Server Setup - By webmaster Puneet Verma

ideo was helpful. Would like to see you actually work out the steps as you explain themWebmaster puneet verma is disscussing basic points we keep to remember while setting up linux apache, ftp , dns server to host a website. Soon a vedio showing "how to address map and NAT your router to host website on your personal computer" would be discussed by puneet.He is

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How to set up a Home Linux Server Part 1

usually you manage the server over ssh or web based with webmin, but if you need a real GUI just install one of the desktop packages from command line:
ubuntu-desktop for gnome

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How to Set Up a Home Server

This video covers the basics of setting up a home server using WAMP Server and DynDNS.

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